10th Class English Pairing Scheme 2023 Lahore Board [Punjab Board]

Here you can find the English pairing scheme for Lahore board 2023. English is the way of literature, media and language.In english someone critically and creatively study with a variety of texts. English is subject that develop students’ literacy skills and helps to undertake a practical English course.

On this webpage you will find paper scheme of English subject for 10th Class . We have shared the Matric 10th Class English Pairing Scheme 2023 – Combination.

Multiple Choice Questions=19

  • Choose correct form of verb English Grammar page#161-166 = 5
  • Word with Correct spellings (From Text Book) = 4
  • Correct meanings/Synonyms/ Antonyms (From Text Book) = 5
  • Correct option according to grammar = 5

Q#02: Short Questions (Attempt any 5 out of 8)  5 From Exercise & 3 From Lesson
Q#03: Translation of paragraphs into Urdu (Only 1 paragraph will be given)
Q#04: Summary/ Stanza of a poem
Q#05: One essay out of 3 OR 1 paragraph out of 3
Q#06: Direct & Indirect (English Grammar Page#169-175)
Q#07: Pair of Words (English Grammar Page#175-178)
Q#08: Translation from Urdu to English (from English Grammar Page#137-147) 

As per the guidelines issued by the board the candidates should focus specially on vocabulary , reading comprehension grammer , key to pronounciation , oral communication skill and writing skills. However, in the grammer and composition section , students have to prepare essay writing , direct in-direct speech , word pairing and translation. It is intiamted that all students should check syllabus and paper scheme before start of prepairing exams. This is the 10th Class English Pairing Scheme 2023 for Lahore Board [Punjab Board]. It will be very usefull for the students. By following this you can easily prepare and plan the english exmas for matric class. This is the complete pairing scheme of English subject for the 10th class.

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