Prize Bond Guess Papers 2022

Prize Bond Guess Papers issues just for the public easiness. These are the calculation’s graphical representation, which gives prediction about the coming Prize Bond’s Draw. This way is very simple, easy, and comfortable for the public that shows large data on a very small portion. It’s also easy to read for the prize bond guess paper checkers.

Prize Bonds is gold investment type and also bearer type of security, which available in market in the form of Rs. 200, Rs. 750, Rs. 1,500, Rs. 7,500, Rs. 15,000, and Rs. 40,000. All prize bonds are available in series and 1 less than 1,000,000 bonds included in each series. That’s why for the prize bond holders, prize bond guess papers issue every year.

Prize Bond Guess Papers Description:

Prize Bond Guess Papers help the prize bond holders in purchasing bonds. The Guess Papers share the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd numeric value of the lucky numbers. These numbers clear that if you will purchase such serial number you can get a chance to become rich person.

The 1st three numbers are called Safha, Aakra, and complete book of 3 numbers just use in the system, which known as Parchi System. But in the National Savings Pakistan’s Prize Bonds it’s difficult to predict.

Many people purchase Prize Bonds while many people buy only Parchies from local dealers, investors, or brokers. In the Parchi System, prize bond holders purchase only single, two, or three numbers to win a draw. Many brokers, market investors, and dealers are here in the market who sale Parchies for the interested people. From the Guess Papers you can get a chance to earn huge amount through the digits game.

Prize bond list check Here

Prize Bond Guess Papers New:

Prize bonds are issued for the public as their savings. It’s bearer type of security and also gold investment. Prize Bonds are only the legal source that available for the poor and lower level people. Middle class people use this source as investment to become rich in short time period.

 If your prize bond doesn’t draw then you can return your bond and get money back. Each prize bond draws are held under the same draw process. It means like if Rs. 200 bond’s 50 series are in flow then 1st Prize will be provided to 50 winners and 2nd Prize for 150 winners and so on.

Prize Bonds work as investment, and now Profit Rates has increased on 5 saving schemes such as Defense Saving Schemes (DSS), Regular Income Certificates (RIC), Behbood Saving Certificates (BSC), Savings Accounts (SA), and Special Saving Certificates (SSC). The profit rates have increased by 8 to 50 points on the saving schemes but Prize Bonds didn’t pay attention on such increment.

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