Rs. 200 Prize Bond List Draw 95 Hyderabad Result September 15 2023

Rs. 200 Prize Bond List Draw 95 Hyderabad Result September 15 2023

The Draw # 95 200 Rs Prize Bond List outcome is available online. Hyderabad hosted a balloting event for Lucky Draw No. 95 of a Rs. 200 prize bond on September 15, 2023. On the official website or here online, you can also view the whole denomination list for Rs. 200 prize bonds from the first draw to the most recent draw. You can also view the 200 Prize Bond List Results as of September 15, 2023, in accordance with the National Bank of Pakistan’s timetable.

Top 3 Lucky Winner Prizes

The 200 Rs. Prize Bonds are balloted by the State Bank. One lucky winner receives the first prize of the 200 Rs. prize bond, valued at 750,000 PRK, while five more winners each receive the second prize, valued at 250,000 Rs. 2394 winners receive the last and third prize of the 200 prize bonds, each worth Rs. 1,250.

Prize Bond List 200 September 15 2023 Details

Bond Worth City Date First Prize Second Prize Third PrizeRs 200 Hyderabad 15-09-2023 750,000 PKR 250,000 PKR 1250 PKR

Prize Bond List 200 September 15 2023 Hyderabad Online

The National Savings of Pakistan’s official website successfully updates this page with the results of the most recent Prize Bond List September 15, 2023, Hyderabad draw. The number of winners and winning amounts vary depending on the denomination. However, only the first, second, and third place winners in each category will be taken into consideration. In addition to categorization, specific terms and conditions can be relevant, such as the fact that any list of denominations, including the 200 Prize Bond list 2023, is always drawn quarterly throughout the year. This indicates that you are permitted to buy any bond, including the Rs. 200 Prize Bond, and test your luck four times a year.

1st Prize Bond Number, Prize Amount 750000 PKR


2nd Prize Bond Numbers, Prize Amount 250000 PKR


How do you proceed with the 200Rs Prize Bond 2023?

A winning prize bond may be claimed from the State Bank of Pakistan and the National Savings Center within six years of the draw date. Additionally, in order to get your prize money, you must visit the National Savings Center or the State Bank of Pakistan with your original 200 prize bond and a copy of your CNIC.

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